Outdoor Adventures


MBS Outdoor Adventures offers several types of hunting products to make your hunting season successful. Various styles and sizes of Stump hunting blinds are offered, ranging from 1-4 people capacity to fit a single hunter, or a group of family and friends. These hunting blinds offer a 360 degree hunting view, durable UV resistant construction, are rot and weather resistant, and have a paintable texture designed to blend into various environments. Customize your stump with optional accessories including wall insulation, curtain kits, floor mats and more.

Also sold are various Feed Bank Gravity Feeders. These feeders come in a 40#, 275# and even a 600# unit. These feeders slip over a single post in the ground which will allow your deer to feed unharmed by multiple legs getting in the way. All of the gravity feeders are designed to allow continuous food supply to be dispensed for deer at a controlled rate.

To go along with the gravity feeders, many options of seed, attractants and minerals/supplements are available. These products are extremely high in protein content which helps your herd grow bigger and healthier and has been proven to improve antler strength and growth.