Krylon Sprayon

Spray Paints

Spray paints are liquid paints contained in an aerosol can that are used as an alternative painting method to traditional brushwork. A wide selection of high-quality spray paints are available for a variety of purposes. Water-based marking paints are fast-drying, adhere to hot surfaces, and create bright, visible markings. The marking spray paints are offered in a huge range of colors, including fluorescents and APWA marking code colors. Roof accessory spray paint allows for a durable and weather-resistant finish that can be applied to stacks, vents, and other roof penetrations. Roofing touch-up sprays create a durable and rust-preventative finish when touching up gutters, soffits, vent pipes, and other roofing materials. Additionally, aluminum railing touch-up spray is offered to correct scratches or scuffs on aluminum railing. Other great spray paints are also available with select products qualifying for a bulk discount.