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“I appreciate what you did for me great!! I received my brake and extrasyesterday. All assembled and back to work today!!! Again I couldn't behappier with your outstanding service when it really did count for my family.!!THANK YOU from Kroening Konstruction.“


“Your team treated me with the utmost respect and products were shipped timely,when I called to inquire about the shutter dips, I was given my shipping infowith great customer service.

I had a bad experience with another distributor, needing the additionalshutter and dips. Several messages were left with no return call. Thank youfor a great ordering and customer service experience.“


“ A great buying experience! Modern Builders Supply Is the place to buyshutters. They have the best customer service I have encountered. Theshutters are great replacements for the standard vinyl shutters on yourhome. I bought the paintable ones and they were spray painted ( w/ housepaint) and came out looking beautiful. Thanks MBS!“